Passion. Personalization. Power.

Prestige Motorsports is a performance engine and vehicle builder located in Concord, North Carolina. Our services include custom built stroker engines, performance upgrades for all types of vehicles, and car building and restoration services. Read on to find out why we should be the one-stop shop for all your vehicle customization needs.

Built Around Your Goals

At Prestige, our engine combinations are designed from the ground up to meet specific goals. By dyno testing every engine combination and installing products in custom car projects, we build complete turn-key packages with nothing missing. These turn-key packages provide the building blocks for our services, but every project is customized to meet a customer’s unique goals. Our process begins by honing in on your vision for your car’s performance and ends with documented proof of your build’s capability of meeting those goals.

Hands-On Experience

At Prestige, we build cars. As you can see in our videos, our techs understand every product and what makes it work. We don’t just put together packages and sell them. We test, install, and use these packages every day. Extensive Dyno Testing and hands-on experience have shown us what kind of time, skill, and precision is required to get the build right the first time. We have the knowledge, experience, and passion to offer the complete package.

Putting the Power in Your Hands

Ultimately, the benefit you get from working with Prestige is our commitment to helping you spend your time and resources efficiently.

The service we deliver is threefold:

  1. An engine or vehicle build that meets your goals
  2. The best possible product at a reasonable price
  3. The understanding you need to keep enjoying your vehicle for years to come

The Prestige team is dedicated to educating every customer in all aspects of their project. We go above and beyond to deliver transparency. As our customer, you’ll receive a piece-by-piece inventory of your project — with actual Brand and product names — and a complete build sheet. You’ll also get phone and email access to our team so that you can make informed, educated decisions. Our turn-key packages leave nothing out, and our Hardcore Tech video series will help you get more enjoyment out of your vehicle.

The adventure begins

If you have a dream vehicle in mind, Prestige Motorsports is the team to bring it to life. Our collaborative process, extensive dyno testing, hands-on experience, and honest pricing will inspire your trust. Your satisfaction with your vehicle will make us your go-to team. Contact Prestige and schedule a call to discuss your vision for your vehicle today.