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My experience working with Prestige Motorsports was top notch from the very beginning. They are absolute professionals! They provided a detailed estimate that eliminated the guesswork regarding exactly what parts were used in my motor. I had some specific requests for the build and they worked with me every step of the way to make sure that the final build was exactly what I wanted. I would recommend them to anyone looking to build a serious motor.

I can't say enough about these guys. I just happened across them when I was looking for a 347 engine, so glad I did. They did an awesome job. Took me for a tour of the shop when I picked up the engine. Everyone in the shop was super friendly, and knowledgeable. I would absolutely use these guys again. If you're looking for an awesome engine builder, this is the place.

When looking for a replacement Marine Engine I did my research and chose Prestige. I can't say enough about Doug and his team. They have truly made this a great experience. The process was extremely positive, customer service and detail focused. Called and emailed Doug several times and he is always very helpful. If you want it done right reach out to Doug and his team. Doug and I discussed some initial objectives, they delivered a 500+ HP 396 small block with Holley EFI. I had the Boat out for some initial testing this fall and runs very strong. Interior and flooring next. Doug was on the phone with me during initial startup, logged in remotely and we did a start up and tune at the get go. After getting things dialed in spent some time with Justin also doing some remote Holley Tuning. Exceptional and willing to help. Doug and group can build it and follow thru all the way to tuning and start up in your project.
Thanks Doug, Senior, Shawn, Justin, and Group!


Great company to work with. We ordered 2 of their 347 setups and the builds were quick and arrived packaged well. They are exactly what was promised. We will be doing more business together.

Prestige Motorsports is the place to go for all things performance. I spent months researching a complete performance drivetrain for my once in a lifetime resto mod project. I chose wisely with Prestige. From the initial contact to final purchase, Jason and Shawn provided superior guidance, suggestions, and exact details on expectations and end results. They both used their experience and knowledge in getting exactly the outcome I desired. The helpful website videos and personal conversations answered all the concerns and questions I had. I could feel the outstanding service quality in all interactions. Thanks guys from one happy customer!

I recently purchased a Superformance cobra having just sold my Back Draft cobra a few months prior. The motor in the Back Draft was the Roush 427R, and I was really happy with it, so that was going to be the plan for the Superformance as well. However, I purchased the Back Draft secondhand, and I was going to have to procure a motor for the Superformance that I was building.

That being said, I found Roush to be extremely unresponsive. The exact opposite of the kind of customer service you would want one buying a motor of this nature. So I began exploring options and came across Prestige. The more I researched and then the more I spoke with the guys at Prestige the more comfortable it became. They are everything you would hope for when building a motor. Precise and prompt communication, plus under committing over delivering in terms of timeframe. But most importantly they built an awesome motor and sent me detailed communication during every step of the process. The motor is now in the car and it’s an absolute beast. Additionally, their warranty is far superior to Roush. In the end I got a motor with more power and a better warranty in a company that I enjoy doing business with.

Doug, Shawn and the gang at Prestige did an awesome job building my 427 small block for my new Cobra. Went with Borla for the added touch.These folks are very responsive and willing to help or answer any questions quickly.
Keep up the great work!

Prestige built me a Dart 427 for my Corvette. They are extremely professional and knowledgeable. I’ve reached out several times during and after the build. They respond quickly and are very respectful. No question went unanswered, and they do incredible work. Their motors are professionally built with all the proper documentation to correspond with your build. I highly recommend Prestige Motorsports to anyone looking to put street-able power down!

I recently purchased a BDR 427 Shelby Cobra that was equipped with one of Prestige's engines, and I was just thoroughly impressed with the info in my USB card that came from Prestige, showing video and tech of the actual engine, including the dyno run/info, break-in procedures, and all mileage "check-up" procedures afterward. Top notch. Thank you!

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