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These guys are great very friendly. They built a big block chevy for me and it runs great. They helped me any time I called them with questions on the installation of the engine. They are always willing to take as much time as needed to help you get through any problems you may have. I will definitely purchase my next engine from them.

Prestige Motorsports did a GREAT job on my 1932 Ford Truck. From the custom paint job to the extras that make the truck stand-out...expert and custom work all around. They stayed true to the price estimates that I was given and continued to be professional throughout my experience. I would highly recommend them for all of your custom car/truck needs.

I was looking for a Ford 351W engine to fit in a GT40 replica and came across Prestige Motor Sports on the internet. After reviewing other engine builders in the UK and overseas it was apparent that Prestige gave better value for money and had a reputation for quality. Doug Aitken was extremely helpful and always responded quickly to my emails and requests for information. I got what I wanted, on time, on budget and with no surprises. After my engine arrived Doug was helpful as ever when I was looking for compatible, parts, oils, etc. in the UK. My only regret is that I shipped the engine myself and it took forever; despite Doug's efforts to deal with my shipper. I should have let Prestige handle that too. I can thoroughly recommend Prestige Motorsports.

I am an engineer and chose the prestige for its good reputation, high-tech, high experience and excellent technical structure and modern equipment besides competitive prices. during the construction process was extremely well attended and advised by the company, especially at Doug, who patiently guided me and answered all my requests. also they were punctual and exceeded my expectations. I strongly recommend! I bought a sbf 427, base 575 hp! Fantastic engine!!!

Thanks Doug!!

Super cool, helped me sort out my 350 chev . 350 turbo trans . So helpful. Would tell anyone to ask them. Thanks again.

In 2011 I was looking for a local engine builder down here in Australia to rebuild my old modified 302 cu in engine. What I wanted was my original Windsor block rebuilt with all new rotating parts and the heads either changed out for Alloy or modified to seek more power. I also wanted to understand the warranty such engine builders would offer. I also wanted good horsepower and torque.

Having approached a few local builders I quickly learned that nobody I approached offered warranty of any significance on rebuilt performance engines, but every single builder would do the work had I proceeded for a significant cost to me, all the risk being mine.

The hunt for a new or second hand replacement engine began and I quickly found that all the good second hand engines were more expensive here in Australia than the Prestige Motorsports new build engine delivered to my garage door here in Australia.

My entire experience in working with Doug Aitken from Prestige Motorsports was nothing short of brilliant. The best part was dealing with Doug, the amount of experience he offered and his working knowledge I found to be absolutely honest and ethical. I think I asked every single question I could think of and gained confidence with every exchange. We discussed the cooling, fuel and the types of oil which were necessary to fulfill Prestige Motorsports warranty conditions down here in Australia and as I found out everything has different names down here but in fact it is very much the same.

So we agree on a price and the build commenced in late 2012, then I think of Flywheels and Clutches and send Doug an email asking if he could supply a total clutch solution. I received an answer the next day telling me what he recommended and the price, so the problem was solved overnight.

In January 2013 Doug advises that the engine is nearing completion and I needed to engage with carriers and import export agents. I had been working toward this point for about a month and frankly the total carrier and agent costs were beginning to scare me with some Companies charging more than the engine was going to cost. Back to Doug again with an email asking if he could arrange a carrier and the export paperwork. Again over night I had the answer and it was literally thousands under anything I had quotes for. So again Prestige Motorsports saved the day and the engine is shipped on the 28th of March 2013.

The boxed engine and all the separate goodies arrived at my door 3 weeks later in April 2013 and the excitement began as I prised open the crate.

The car prep including new wiring new fuel lines and engine bay tidy up work took a further 3 months then the engine just slid in after a final fluids check I fired up the engine on the 2nd of June 2013 without a problem save for one small water leak on the new radiator hose where I had fitted it to the radiator neck.

I have had the Prestige Motorsports engine in my car for 2 years now and it has not given me a single problem. I trusted Doug’s advice and the Prestige Motorsports workmanship and neither have let me down. I would happily recommend Prestige Motorsports to anyone considering undertaking a build like mine. Should anyone wish to talk to me Doug will put you in contact with me.

Thank you Doug.

Excellent place to buy a crate engine or to get information on your project.

Professional people in every aspect. Call them.

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