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The Chevy 350 small-block engine was one of the most popular and best-designed motors of the 20th century.

It’s also a blast to modify. Our custom Chevy Small Block crate engines combine the 350’s sought-after features with custom tooling and the highest-quality components on the market. The result is a turn-key Chevy small block that delivers performance on a budget and a wide variety of available accessories and upgrades. Our small-block Chevy crate engines range from 383 to 427+ cubic inches, giving you big-block displacement combined with small-block size and weight.

Hot Rod Series

Ready to get serious with your hot rod, cruiser, or daily driver? The engines in our Hot Rod Series will upgrade your ride with a custom-machined factory OEM block, plus a hydraulic roller cam and lifters, forged pistons, a stroker crankshaft, forged steel rods, competition valve job, and an arrangement of top-quality internal components. These street-serious motors are perfect for cruising, car shows, and even a little bracket racing. They’re not intended for boost or nitrous.

Super Street Series

When your street or strip car needs more power and durability, it’s time for a performance-minded upgrade. Our bigger, beefier Super Street Series motors will give you an aftermarket block with larger bore sizes for more cubic inches that’s able to handle more power. You’ll get a hydraulic or solid roller tie bar lifter and an all-forged rotating assembly. These are motors for the guy who wants to put the pedal to the metal and beat the living daylights out of his car.

Marine Series

Whether you’re an airboat builder or working on a one-time project, you won’t find better airboat engines than those in our Marine Series. Our marine development team incorporates dyno charts, testimony from airboat builders, and real-world conditions from Florida, Louisiana, and Texas, to design engines around your boat performance needs. The resulting marine engine packages deliver performance that’s hands-down better than anything you’ve used before. For builders, we also offer a dealer discount.

Power Adder Series

Looking for the ugly, nasty motors that separate the boys from the men? The Power Adder Series will let you add a supercharger, turbocharger, or nitrous. You’ll start with an aftermarket block and a substantially upgraded rotating assembly, heavy-duty forged pistons, and an array of camshaft and cylinder head options. Other parts vary by build and application. From the choice of components to their combination and tooling, our Power Adder Series is the cream of the crop, built to withstand harsh conditions and a ridiculous amount of power.

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