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I recently purchased a Superformance cobra having just sold my Back Draft cobra a few months prior. The motor in the Back Draft was the Roush 427R, and I was really happy with it, so that was going to be the plan for the Superformance as well. However, I purchased the Back Draft secondhand, and I was going to have to procure a motor for the Superformance that I was building.

That being said, I found Roush to be extremely unresponsive. The exact opposite of the kind of customer service you would want one buying a motor of this nature. So I began exploring options and came across Prestige. The more I researched and then the more I spoke with the guys at Prestige the more comfortable it became. They are everything you would hope for when building a motor. Precise and prompt communication, plus under committing over delivering in terms of timeframe. But most importantly they built an awesome motor and sent me detailed communication during every step of the process. The motor is now in the car and it’s an absolute beast. Additionally, their warranty is far superior to Roush. In the end I got a motor with more power and a better warranty in a company that I enjoy doing business with.

Doug, Shawn and the gang at Prestige did an awesome job building my 427 small block for my new Cobra. Went with Borla for the added touch.These folks are very responsive and willing to help or answer any questions quickly.
Keep up the great work!

Prestige built me a Dart 427 for my Corvette. They are extremely professional and knowledgeable. I’ve reached out several times during and after the build. They respond quickly and are very respectful. No question went unanswered, and they do incredible work. Their motors are professionally built with all the proper documentation to correspond with your build. I highly recommend Prestige Motorsports to anyone looking to put street-able power down!

I recently purchased a BDR 427 Shelby Cobra that was equipped with one of Prestige's engines, and I was just thoroughly impressed with the info in my USB card that came from Prestige, showing video and tech of the actual engine, including the dyno run/info, break-in procedures, and all mileage "check-up" procedures afterward. Top notch. Thank you!

Excellent service and wicked engines!!

Extremely knowledgeable and very responsive. Always took time to thoroughly listen to and answer my (many!) questions. I will be very proud to have their work powering my vehicle, one that I have waited 30 years to acquire.

I'm not sure I can say enough good things about Prestige. I had a very good experience with them years ago when they were just starting and went back to them recently to solve a 2 year old problem I had with an EFI installation on my 1970 Camaro. Needless to say, I was frustrated and had engaged 3 other tuners. None of them solved the problem but Doug was able to diagnose the problem based on my description. Once I'd corrected the small exhaust leak, he tuned the car remotely and my 2 year frustration was over. The car is running better than it ever has!!

I Ordered an all-aluminum all Shelby 427ci 351 small block 8 stack fuel injected engine & Tremec TKX transmission complete package for a CSX 9000 Shelby Daytona Coupe. I can highly recommend Doug & the team at Prestige Motorsport. Any small aesthetic change that I made along the way (there were indeed a few) was absolutely no problem at all & everything I requested was promptly replied to & just as promptly administered. My experience was extremely positive & every facet of Prestige Motorsports customer service & attention to detail was absolutely of a 5-star gold standard & very professional at all times. I am extremely happy with the result & am looking forward very much to posting my own video when the Daytona is complete. Again, I cannot recommend them highly enough!

I had an issue on my 347 Borla 8 stack that I built and Prestige dyno my motor and built a tune for me. They stepped right up and supported me with my startup minor issue. My car runs get now! Thank You Prestige Motorsport!!

I can't say enough about Doug and his team. They have truly made this a great experience. They used their in-house heads and cam to make a 520HP 427 Windsor Stroker that is poised to write checks that the rest of my 67 mustang may not be able to pay!!!! My inner 12 year old is euphoric!!!

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