Make sure your engine is Dyno Tested!

The demand for dyno testing has never been higher, and that makes sense to us. Here at Prestige Motorsports, our "Dyno Promise" means that we dyno test every engine we build. It’s the best way to verify the quality of our work, the integrity of each component, and the reliability of every engine we construct.

In your search for your go-to performance engine builder, don’t be fooled by live-run or hot-run tested engines. It’s worth your time and effort to demand legitimate dyno testing, and our water-brake dyno allows us to test your engine under all load conditions. At Prestige, we deliver the dyno results for your project directly to you, the customer. We never ship an under-performing component or combination -- we’ll test and tune until optimal performance is achieved.

dyno promise

Dyno 101

If you’re new to the idea of dyno testing, this technology allows us to verify the integrity and performance of vehicle components. With the engine running under its own power, a controlled load is applied to ensure the integrity and proper operation of all parts, as well as to test and tune the engine. Among many other aspects of functioning, the dyno verifies peak horsepower and power curve, alternator output, and that the water pump is appropriately cooling the engine. At Prestige, we also offer chassis dyno services.

Dyno R&D

The biggest thing that sets the dyno department at Prestige apart is its role in research and development. While most engine builders will just construct, run, and test a motor to see how much power it makes, we use the dyno to develop our packages. We’re continually testing new components as they hit the market. We use the results to identify the appropriate applications for each part, as well as to improve our packages. Dyno testing is an essential tool for determining the best product for every project at the most reasonable price.

Common Dyno Testing Applications:

  • Power curve plotting
  • Alternate fuel testing
  • Fuel injection tuning
  • Carburetor tuning
  • Camshaft swaps
  • Emissions testing
  • Manifold testing
  • Cylinder head testing
  • Engine break-in

Dyno Testing with Prestige Motorsports

Work with a team that uses dyno testing as a powerful tool for improvement throughout the process, not just at the end. To learn more about dyno testing and how it increases the quality of every project at Prestige Motorsports, contact us today and schedule a one-on-one call or appointment.