Prestige Motorsports offers a limited warranty on engines for a period of 1 or 3 years with unlimited mileage. Our warranty covers the base engine from the intake manifold to the oil pan. Add-on accessories such as ignition components, fuel delivery systems, pulley kits, and belt-driven components are covered by their manufacturer’s warranty only.

Engine Warranty Outline

Upon receiving your engine, you are required to register your engine for a warranty. The form is included in the paperwork you receive with the engine. Fill out the form and return in the mail to our physical address, or you may email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also download the form HERE.  


If you experience any issues or concerns with your engine, you MUST contact us before any work or diagnostics are performed. We will discuss the concern and give you specific direction on the next steps. If we feel the engine needs teardown for further assessment or repair, the customer is responsible for any time and labor costs of preparing the engine for shipping including removal from vehicle and packaging fees. Prestige Motorsports will arrange pick-up of the engine and cover the cost for delivery back to Prestige Motorsports.

Prestige Motorsports will perform a thorough assessment of the engine and determine the root cause of the concern. If the root cause is determined to be a component failure or assembly error, Prestige Motorsports will repair or replace the engine, retest, and deliver back to the customer at no charge.

If the root cause is determined to be the result of improper use or inflicted by an outside source, customer or otherwise (common examples, not an exhaustive list, of root causes that are not covered under warranty, include overheating, incorrect ignition timing, incorrect air/fuel ratios, use of power-adders, over-revving, and incorrect oil level), the customer will be invoiced for delivery charges incurred by Prestige Motorsports for retrieving the engine, as well as a tear-down and assessment labor time.

Prestige Motorsports will also provide an estimate for parts and labor to repair or replace the engine, including the cost of delivery back to the customer. The customer then has the option to approve the recommended repairs or retrieve the engine in its current state from Prestige Motorsports.

Ultimately the engine will tell the story. Prestige Motorsports keeps detailed records of root cause analysis which may include photos or videos if the customer has questions about the results. However, it is at the sole professional discretion of Prestige Motorsports as to the root cause of failure.

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