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Prestige Motorsports is proud to announce our in-house CNC block machining options for customers! With our Centroid A560 CNC machine and our new Rottler HX85AX hone, not only do we machine our blocks to our high specifications, but we also offer the same high quality machine work to you for your block machining needs. From boring, decking, line honing, rod clearance, ½” studs for LS platforms, correcting lifter bore locations, Flame hooping blocks, and Torque plate honing, we can do it. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Block Machine Work 09Block Machine Work 01

Probing Block - The CENTROID CNC Touch probe is designed for probing (part setup, zero location setup, and CMM type location and measurement of part geometry), component/fixture/work piece setup, inspection and 3D or 2D digitizing/surfacing.

Block Machine Work 02

Block Decking Operation - An engine block is decked to ensure a good, flat surface to achieve an accurate gasket seal. Engine blocks are also decked to create proper deck height. Deck height is the distance between the crank center line to the deck surface. Most important specification's are 45-degree deck angle and deck height accuracy.

Block Machine Work 03Block Machine Work 04

Boring Operation - Enlarges cylinder bore to accept a larger piston and cleans up the cylinder walls. Once bore sizing is complete, the engine block then goes to the Honing machine for a smooth finish to ensure an accurate piston ring seal. The H85AX hones a complete line of cylinders - automatically! The automatic load control gives perfectly round and straight cylinders, and automatic CNC control finishes every cylinder to the same size.

Block Machine Work 05b

Finished Product - Shows perfect cylnder head deck and smooth cylinder bore to ensure accurate piston ring and head gasket seal.

Block Machine Work 07Block Machine Work 06

Flame Hooping - A "flame hoop" helps secure the block to the cylinder head and to contain the immense in-cylinder pressures associated with generating massive horsepower in boosted or nitrous injected engines. This "hoop" involves boring a registration groove around the top of the cylinder, into which a tempered steel ring is inserted.

Block Machine Work 08

Rottler H85AX - CNC Automatic Vertical Honing Machine with Hole-to-Hole Automation.