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I recently hired them to build my motor and I can't say enough about the guys at Prestige. They are professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. They were there to answer my questions during and after the build. I would highly recommend them if you are in the market for a new custom engine.

I contacted Doug quite some time ago regarding an engine build. I was attracted to the big HP number 302 based block on his website however after telling him what I was doing with my setup he took the time to inform me of what I would expect with the engine I originally wanted. He let me know it was a great drag race engine that lived in high RPM but if i wanted to drive the streets I would want more down low torque. Doug walked me through what would go into the build and what parts they were going to use. Ultimately Doug promised that the car would have a nice and flat torque curve that wouldnt fall off and still produce over 500hp. I went ahead and ordered the engine and the estimated time was 5 weeks. I got confirmation that it was indeed finished in 5 weeks. I called Doug about a thousand times with small questions and he took the time to answer them in depth, not just answering but really making sure I understood. I had Doug order everything else for the engine as well, water pump, and headers etc. When the shipment arrived at my house everything was in the crate they hand make which is very very sturdy! All of the accessories in the box were very secure so nothing was moving around in there. I haven't installed the engine yet into my car however I will leave another review at that point. Up to this point everything has been smooth sailing and Doug is a very honest and reasonable guy to deal with. The aftermarket industry needs more guys that truly care like Doug and the rest of his team does. Big shout out to all the guys at Prestige!

First and foremost I can't express the professionalism and honesty from the guys at Prestige. The timely manor in the build of my motor very impressive ( motor at my door within four weeks). This is the first motor I have ever had professionally built and had numerous questions and Doug was always willing to take the time out of his busy schedule to answer them. ( Even contacted him after hours and he responded) A big plus for Prestige is there ongoing commitment to satisfaction coming from there buyers. Believe me when I say there just not a company who sells you a motor, there way more than that. Even after I got everything installed Doug said " if ya want bring your car up we can fine tune it " I made those arrangements and Doug and the guys were there and immediately got me in and went over everything and made some suggestions on some changes I may want to consider. I left Prestige with a huge smile. Again the professionalism is top notch.not sure about you but for me a business that does what they say they there gonna do when they say there gonna do it is a business I'll travel to do business with. Thanks again to the guys at Prestige !! 150% SATISFIED!!!!

Excellent service, Doug kept me up to date all the way through the build and interfaced with my shippers to export it to South Africa, the engine is fantastic delivers the driveabilty I asked for but still with 500+hp.

Thanks Guys! I would recomend you to anyone, also more cost effective than some of the other builders for the same spec.

I have had a fantastic experience with Prestige Motorsports and can't hardly recommend them enough. Doug and his team (Thanks Sr.) put together a 427 Ford Windsor block based crate motor with >525 hp and >540 ft/lbs of torque with >500 ft-lbs of torque from 2800 all the way to 5400 rpm to go into my cobra kit car.

But beyond the stats of the motor Doug and his team spent plenty of time talking me through the options and weighing the pro/cons of each to help create a motor set-up that I would be happy with for my intended application (mostly street with a bit of track time). He also set up the transmission and clutch for the motor and is helping me drop all that in to my chassis as I trailered the chassis over to his shop since I only live about 2hrs away. Great team and a fantastic level of service and support.

These guys are great very friendly. They built a big block chevy for me and it runs great. They helped me any time I called them with questions on the installation of the engine. They are always willing to take as much time as needed to help you get through any problems you may have. I will definitely purchase my next engine from them.

Prestige Motorsports did a GREAT job on my 1932 Ford Truck. From the custom paint job to the extras that make the truck stand-out...expert and custom work all around. They stayed true to the price estimates that I was given and continued to be professional throughout my experience. I would highly recommend them for all of your custom car/truck needs.

I was looking for a Ford 351W engine to fit in a GT40 replica and came across Prestige Motor Sports on the internet. After reviewing other engine builders in the UK and overseas it was apparent that Prestige gave better value for money and had a reputation for quality. Doug Aitken was extremely helpful and always responded quickly to my emails and requests for information. I got what I wanted, on time, on budget and with no surprises. After my engine arrived Doug was helpful as ever when I was looking for compatible, parts, oils, etc. in the UK. My only regret is that I shipped the engine myself and it took forever; despite Doug's efforts to deal with my shipper. I should have let Prestige handle that too. I can thoroughly recommend Prestige Motorsports.

I am an engineer and chose the prestige for its good reputation, high-tech, high experience and excellent technical structure and modern equipment besides competitive prices. during the construction process was extremely well attended and advised by the company, especially at Doug, who patiently guided me and answered all my requests. also they were punctual and exceeded my expectations. I strongly recommend! I bought a sbf 427, base 575 hp! Fantastic engine!!!

Thanks Doug!!

Super cool, helped me sort out my 350 chev . 350 turbo trans . So helpful. Would tell anyone to ask them. Thanks again.

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